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Workers Comp Fraud

Workers Comp fraud is the fastest growing insurance scam in the nation

Workers Comp Fraud Fraud

Workers comp fraud costs the insurance industry over $5 BILLION per year. At Iovino Investigative and Protective Services, we take insurance fraud seriously. We can review claims for "Red Flag" warnings that could indicate a potential fraudulent claim. We can then focus on these "Red Flag" claims and help you to determine if the claim is indeed valid or fraudulent.

While many people consider workers' comp fraud to be a "victimless" crime, we know that it's not. It affects your bottom line, and the costs end up getting passed on to the employers and honest employees.

Our experience in law enforcement and the insurance industry gives you the benefit of being able to discover and eliminate fraudulent claims. We can perform video surveillance on suspected fraudulent claimants and in cases where fraud is discovered, we can help you to put your case together for submission to the DA for prosecution under state Workers Comp Fraud laws.

In 2005-06 in California alone, District Attorneys reported a total of 574 arrests related to workers comp fraud. They prosecuted 946 cases with 1,066 suspects. Restitution of $16,380,416 was ordered in connection with these convictions, and $6,313,435 was collected during 2005-06. The total chargeable fraud was $190,858,814, which represents only a small portion of actual fraudulent activy since most of it is never identified or investigated. Source: CA Department of Insurance

Workers' Compensation Convictions can be viewed online at the California Department of Insurance web site
Note: the information below is posted on the CA Dept of Insurance web site and not part of Iovino Investigative and Protective Services.

Effective January 1, 2005, Assembly Bill 2866 (Frommer) enacted Insurance Code Section 1871.9 requiring the posting of all workers' compensation fraud convictions to the CDI website. 

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