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Background Checks
Background Checks

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Pre-Employment Background Checks

Make an Informed Hiring Decision

Pre-Employment Background Checks

Hiring a new employee is a decision that requires information that the applicant may be unwilling to provide. There might be something in the applicatnt's background that he is unwilling to put on an application or disclose in an interview.

In today's environment, you can't afford to have an employee's background be an unknown factor. From the potential of just an unreliable employee that shows up to work whenever it's convenient to fraudulent workers' comp claims to sexual harrassment to workplace violence, how can you afford not to check on a potential candidate's background? The cost of a comprehensive background check is minuscule in comparison with the potential cost in legal fees, fines, and lost business. Failure to perform due diligence on a new employee may also constitute criminal negligence.

For more information on preventing workplace violence, see this article by Todd Wozniak.