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DMV Searches

If you are looking at hiring someone as a driver for your company, we can provide you with a complete DMV records search, in addition to a comprehensive background check. You should know what kind of driving record a candidate has before entrusting that candidate with the responsibility of operating company vehicles.

Iovino IPS can provide

  • Detailed vehicle registration information: Get a detailed report containing all of the vehicles registered under the subject's name.
  • Driver license information: Provides information contained on the subject's driver's license, including identifying information and in some cases a photograph of the subject.
  • Traffic violation convictions: A detailed report with information about all convictions for moving vehicle violations, including the type of ticket, date of judgement, points assessed, and restrictive action taken against the subject's driving privilege.
  • Accident records: Provides details regarding the subject's driving violations and accident report information.