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Surveillance can provide proof-positive of suspected activity


Our professional surveillance investigators can discreetly observe and document a subject's activity. They are able to position themselves in a location that does not give the subject any indication that he is being observed. All suspicious activities are documented on video.

Surveillance is useful when you want to confirm that a person who claims to be injured is really not injured to the extent that he claims, or even not at all. It is also useful in catching a cheating spouse, or confirming illegal employee activity.

Let us help you to either confirm your suspicions or lay them to rest.

  • We provide you with video of any suspicious activity. Our investigators are also available to testify in court in the event that your case goes to trial.
  • If you are an employer and suspect workers' comp or other fraud, we will work with your insurance company to confirm that fraud has been committed and get the claim reduced or dismissed, as appropriate.
  • Our surveillance investigators are dedicated professionals. They have years of experience performing surveillance, and they know how to get results. They also know when to call off a surveillance and wait for another day, saving you money and providing the most cost-effective service possible.
  • If you suspect a cheating spouse, our investigators will provide still photos and video surveillance of questionable activity. Our professional staff will then assist you to take steps to protect your interests in the event of divorce proceedings.